About me

Hey, there!

I saw the air fryer in one of my relative’s houses and the time I saw how it works I decided to have this baby in my house too and I got one of them. I was excited to use a new cooking technique. Since then it has bought a new revolution in my cooking and eating habit. I mean I can have healthy and delicious food which has helped to manage my weight. Well, air fryer is one of the best innovations which has released my stress and helped a lot in managing time. Lately, I thought of sharing my experience with an air fryer and the recipes we can make in it.

If you are foodie and love making food for your family and friends then come join with me in this delicious journey with simple recipes. I love preparing various kinds of food. Lately I used to search for different food recipes and I thought of sharing mine too. I always have been in search of easy and quick method of cooking which I am able to perform with airfryer.If you are like me and want to cook food for friends and family then let’s go with the flow of my easy quick recipes for stress less cooking. 

Feel free to message me if you have any doubt or just to say a simple hi.